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Local Is Different

Two things are fundamentally different about online marketing for local businesses.

The Good

The good part is that it is easier to build trust and gain authority because you personally know the community you’re serving. There’s also less competition, making marketing easier and less expensive than marketing national brands.

The Bad

The bad part is that your audience is smaller and harder to reach. National brands can focus on a single platform like Facebook and get all the leads they can handle. As a local business owner, not everyone in your community is on Facebook all the time. So, you need to tap into multiple lead sources simultaneously.

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Over the last few years, the deck has been reshuffled. Here’s what’s working now, so you end up on top.

Discover 5 Lead Generation Strategies That Are Working Now, Only 5 Minutes Each.

How It Works

Get More Clicks!

To get more clicks, you need two things; visibility and authority. In addition to an authoritative website, you also need to be well represented on social media and in a variety of online business directories. Eye-catching branding will capture attention, and our fully-managed system for collecting customer reviews will build social proof and authority. That’s why you Get (a lot) More Clicks!

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Get More Leads!

Thanks to your authority and social proof, a lot of people will be ready to work with you on the first click. But we don’t want to lose the people who are interested but not quite ready to get on your calendar. The lead magnets we develop for you will allow us to capture their email addresses so we can nurture those leads even after they leave your website. Whether they’re ready now or later, we’ve got you covered. That’s why you Get More Leads!

Get More Clients!

Ultimately the goal is to fill your calendar or get direct calls. So, we streamline the process of onboarding new clients. Whether it’s messaging you directly from your Google Business Profile, responding to an offer in an email, or booking an appointment on your website, we make it easy and seamless for people to work with you. That’s why you Get More Clients!

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The VALT System

By working together we develop and focus on 2 or 3 online goals to start generating local quality leads for your business. To achieve the goals we use my “VALT” system, a proven 4-step lead generation strategy to get you more leads and move your business in the right direction.


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We ensure that your website represents your business and inspires visitor engagement.

Show social proof by using your Google Business Profile to help with visibility in local Google Searches. Be active in Social Media channels and Business Directories.

Implement Search Engine Optimization best practices and keyword research.


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By educating and connecting shows your authority making you the expert on the services and products you offer.

Repurpose website content on your Google Business Profile and Social Channels to extend your authority and drive more traffic to your website offering services and products.


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By solving a problem you start building a relationship with your target audience.

Offer something of value (ebook, coupon or discount, etc.) in exchange for an email address.

Convert passive visitors into active email subscribers/leads that you can segment into groups based on interests and needs to retarget in the future.


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Guide and nurture your prospect from start to finish through an email sequence that builds on value and trust.

Educate your audience with a series of emails on topics you are able to help them with.

Automate asking, reminding, and giving your customers an easy path to leave reviews.

Steve Benton
Steve Benton


Gain traction and win more business without spending hours every week trying to do it all on your own. Many business owners don’t have the time or the know-how to even begin, resulting in lost leads, customers, and sales. By working with me we clarify your goal objectives and put a system in place to start generating quality local leads for your business.

I’m Steve Benton and have worked in advertising and design for over 25 years with the last 10 years helping business owners with online strategies and web development. Understanding that you don’t want to waste money and time on traditional marketing, we work together to increase your Visibility, Attraction, Leads, and Target your market by building authority and customer trust that sets you apart from your competition. Contact me today to start moving your business in the right direction.

Who This Is For

I work with business owners with the following traits:

1. Quality:
You have to provide high-quality service.

2. Responsiveness:
You must respond promptly to the leads sent to you.

3. Integrity:
I hold myself to the highest standards of honesty and integrity and expect the same from my clients.

My VALT lead generation system is for local professionals, including:

  • Community Development Corporations (CDCs)
  • Wineries, Distilleries
  • Physical Therapists & Chiropractors
  • Dentistry & Orthodontics
  • Private Practice Physicians
  • Accountants & Bookkeepers
  • Spas, Salons, Personal Stylists
  • and more…

Schedule A Free Call

On this call, you will discover:

  • Multiple new ways to get more visibility for your business.
  • How to build trust and authority in your community even if you’re just getting started.
  • How to get clients to choose to work with you even before you talk to them.
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Lead Generation for business owners looking for local leads.